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Welcome to the Postgraduate International Programme in Physics and Electrical Engineering


The Faculty of Physics and Electrical Engineering of the University of Bremen invites graduate physicists and electrical engineers from all over the world to come here for a postgraduate study.


Our Postgraduate International Programme offers:

  • outstanding research opportunities
  • state-of-the-art research facilities
  • close guidance by your supervisor

PIP Summer School on machine learning


PIP Summer School on Machine Learning was held in University of Bremen, Germany during 24-28 September 2018. It was the second event that was initiated and organized by members of the Postgraduate International Programme in Physics and Electrical Engineering (PIP) Ilias Bougoudis and Evgenia Galytska from Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP), and Muhammad Abdul Haseeb and Maria Kyrarini from Institute of Automation (IAT).


The major focus of the Summer School was set on supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques introduced by professionals from leading universities. Click here to learn more about this event. 

First PIP Summer School in Electrical Engineering and Physics


The first PIP Summer School took place in September 2016. The PIP-Members had an opportunity to participate in various interesting lectures, to visit the Climate House in Bremerhaven and to enjoy the preformance of a music band. Numerous collective activities, meetings and entertainments opened possibilities for greater integration, new contacts and scientific collaborations. If you would like to read the full report on our Summer School written by Evgenia Galytska (one of the organizers) click here.

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